Newsbites + Other Bits: A Weekly Roundup (vol. 2)

I'm aiming to post this weekly roundup every Friday morning. But this site is a one-person operation and this week was dizzyingly hectic. I can't wait for the day I get to do this.

A weekly edition of content I think you'd like to read, listen to, and watch

Everything that unravelled and keeps unravelling this year, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, seems to have wrought collective emotional devastation. As someone who eagerly consumes news, this year has been challenging – some days, it's just too painful and overwhelming to read the headlines, never mind the stories.

Although we can't control the news around us, we can better manage our intellectual and emotional state of mind to make sense of it all. I've been trying to mix my news consumption with content that sparks my curiosity but also soothes my mind. Other times, I go offline and, weather-permitting, go for a long walk.

These are disorienting times. Sometimes all we can do is take each day as it comes.

❤️ Be kind to yourself and others. Enjoy your weekend.

📖 To Read

👂 To Listen

If you like fútbol and have questions or deep feelings on how Spain pulverized Germany this week in the Nations League (6 – 0 😱), the Stadio guys, Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwonga offer a top-notch dissection of what happened, talk about celebrities owning fútbol clubs (Hi, Ryan Reynolds!), among other topics.

(Go for the analysis, stay for Musa's marvelous husky voice.)

👁️ To Watch

The process of hand-blocked wallpaper. It's captivating.

🎇 Other Bits

  • Check out the wonderful Shazam of Plants – free without ads.
  • This fascinating site where you can play and wonder about life millions of years ago - the Ancient Earth Globe. Type your city to see how it looked in relation to the rest of the world up to 750 million years ago.
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